Storage space is often regarded as little more than a convenient container in which to store items and so many consumers will sign a lease with a particular storage space provider with nary a thought as to the effects and impact of the contract. This is a very dangerous approach to adopt indeed, and that contract that you dismissed so loftily at the beginning may come back to haunt you further down the road!

The bane of all contracts is the small print, and as that classic maxim says “the devil is in the detail.” You would be surprised how the most pedantic and technical of details are argued, debated and strongly contested in court with both parties trying to best one another in this tiresome battle of wits. Therefore, make sure you are well aware of each and every term and condition that the lease imposes on you.

Some storage space providers will attempt to prolong the tenants stay as well as the duration of the lease by imposing hoops to jump through, such as a minimum period of notice to be provided in order for the termination of the lease. This may, or may not be combined with a clause that the tenant will be liable for a penalty fee if they fail to provide the necessary notice within the necessary timeframe. Regardless of what the landlord may try to tell you, this contract is a big deal, it should be carefully considered and it should be carefully examined by an attorney, if only to put your mind at ease.

On that note, make sure you that you resist the wily charms of the manager or salesperson as the case maybe and make sure that you do not take anything for granted. In order to better structure the interview, why not draft a list of relevant questions you would like to be answered, and bring them with you?

That will focus your attention on what you are trying to say, as well as providing you with a clearly defined set of parameters required in which to conduct the questions. Draw the questions up, stick to the plan, and you will be fine. Remember, given how many different storage space providers there are, if you feel unhappy with a particular storage space provider, then vote with your wallet and go find someone else, who you feel more comfortable doing business with.